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Big Mega Millions jackpot drawing is tonight
The Mega Millions lottery jackpot is $1 billion today. If you win during this evening's drawing, you could take home a fat check of more than $600 million. (What would you do with all of that money, anyway?)

South Carolinians reportedly went into overdrive this week ahead of the drawing for the Mega Millions lottery. This is the fourth billion-dollar lottery prize in U.S. history. You have a one in 302.6 million chance of winning the jackpot.

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Sabb: Wind energy industry can help support SC communities
"Our community is no stranger to the boom-and-bust cycle of industry, as evidenced by the ups and downs of the steel mill over the years. I believe that the wind industry can provide a stable foundation to grow South Carolina’s economy and provide continued prosperity to communities like Georgetown.

"The offshore wind industry in the United States is expected to skyrocket over the next decade, with new projects expected to meet the lofty federal goal of 30 gigawatts of offshore wind deployment by 2030."

Statewide impact
GUN VIOLENCE: S.C. challenges Biden's proposed gun reform bill
South Carolina joined a 17-state coalition opposing President Joe Biden's proposed gun laws. The coalition states that the bill threatens the privacy of gun owners due to a national firearms registry.
Source: WISTV
Nonprofit dedicated to stopping gun violence celebrates one year
Source: WCBD
Man charged after firing shots in Mount Pleasant garage
Source: WCSC
Police investigating Georgetown Thursday night shooting
Source: WCSC
Columbia may require stolen guns to be reported
Source: The State
Mega millions jackpot reaches $1B
South Carolinians reportedly went into overdrive earlier this week ahead of the July 29 drawing for the Mega Millions lottery. Mega Millions' top prize reached $1B, with each ticket selling for $2. This is the fourth billion-dollar lottery prize in U.S. history, with a one in 302.6 million chance of winning the jackpot.
Mega Millions jackpot anticipation rises in Aiken
Winning the jackpot doesn't mean happiness
How to play the $1B Mega Millions
S.C. guide to African American landmarks released
A Spartanburg publishing company Hub City Press recently released "The Green Book of South Carolina," a guide to African American landmarks in the state. The book is organized by region and features more than 200 museums, monuments, historic markers, schools, churches and public lands and includes suggested day trips for each region.
PANDEMIC: Biden administration plans to administer updated booster shot
Reformulated Pfizer and Moderna booster shots are on the horizon, but some health officials say that adults under 50 should wait to get their second booster shot.
Moderna reaches deal for Omicron Covid variant vaccine
Source: WCBD
14 cases of monkeypox in S.C.
Source: WCSC
Summer boosters shelved for updated fall boosters
Toxic vapor spills into Elgin, shuts down part of I-20
A mixture of nitric acid and nitrogen oxides were released into the air in Elgin July 27. The wing helped prevent the leak from hitting neighborhoods and instead blew toward I-20, causing a major shut down on the interstate.
Plant partially running again after leak
Source: WISTV
DHEC says health impacts unlikely from chemical leak
Source: WISTV
Cunningham calls on McMaster for debates
Democratic candidate for S.C. Governor Joe Cunningham called on Gov. Henry McMaster for five debates. The debates would be held in the state's largest media areas, including Charleston, Columbia, Greenville and Florence/Myrtle Beach, and a statewide Lieutenant Governor debate.
Source: WISTV
JAN. 6: House panel interview Mnuchin, Mulvaney and former Trump advisors
The House Jan. 6 committee is in negotiations to talk with several other advisors for former President Donald Trump. The negotiations come after the panel interviewed former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney. The interviews were focused on the days after the Capitol riots and about whether to try and remove Trump from office for his inaction.
Texts from Jan. 6 missing for Trump's Homeland Security officials
New Juvenile Justice director pushes for reform
Department of Juvenile Justice Director Eden Hendrick has taken the role after two of her predecessors resigned following state audits. Hendrick plans on changing the juvenile justice system to help the children by installing a modern surveillance system, revising use of force rules, reducing solitary confinement and making sure kids get physical and recreational activity.
UKRAINE: Shelling kills Ukrainian POWs
A Russian separatist reported that a Ukrainian attack with U.S.-supplied missiles hit a prison and killed 53 Ukrainian prisoners.
Ukraine president says ports ready to ship grain
Ukraine possibly turning tide of war as Russia stalls
Publix in West Ashley looks to relocate
The Publix at Ashley Landing shopping center on Sam Rittenberg is looking to relocate across the lot where Dollar Tree is located. Developers saw an opportunity to reinvest in the space.
Source: WCSC
Downtown Charleston business purchased by New York auctioneer
The two-story commercial building on 123 King St. recently sold for $2.7 million to New York City auctioneer Doyle. Laura Doyle, the company's CEO said that the first floor of the building will be converted into a retail space with items for sale and a small exhibit for items to be auctioned and the upstairs will be renovated for two apartments.
Starbucks on King Street to close
Starbucks' 239 King St. location across from the Charleston Place Hotel is scheduled to close Aug. 14. Workers will be transferred to the Francis Marion Hotel location on the corner of King and Calhoun streets. Employees were told the lease had expired and the building would be renovated. The space is currently listed as "available."
INFLATION: U.S. economy shrinks for second quarter
The U.S. economy continued to shrink from April to June, with a 0.9% annual pace. The slow pace is causing fear of a recession.
Risk of recession rises with second quarter decline
S.C. launches campaign to hire more bus drivers and technicians
The South Carolina Department of Education recently announced its Step Up S.C. campaign, designed to hire and train more bus drivers and technicians in one place.
Source: WSPA
CCSD replaces chief academic officer
The Charleston County School District announced July 28 that Michelle Simmons will replace Karolyn Belcher as the chief academic officer of the district. The July 28 press release did not give an explanation to the replacement. The staffing change comes after a heated argument between the board and Belcher in June.
CCSD announces leadership change
Source: WCBD
Belcher replaced in CCSD shake-up
Source: WCSC
Smart reef to collect data to help coastal flooding
New technology is scheduled to be installed in artificial reefs off the Charleston coast. The 85-pound blocks will be used to help record wave, water temperature and wind data. The data used from the blocks can then be used to help with weather modeling and forecasting.
Major Local News
Wahine Classic Surf Competition this weekend at Folly Beach
This Saturday and Sunday is the 20th Annual Wahine Classic Surf Compeition. The competition is the first and only all-female surf competition in the state and welcomes women and girls of all ages. The Wahine Classic begins 7:30 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday.
Family of three women who died in car crash plan to sue CCSO
Attorneys for the family of three women who were killed in a car crash on Mother's Day say they are preparing to file a lawsuit against the Charleston County Sheriff's Office. The lawsuit is being prepared to seek justice and accountability from the sheriff's office.
Source: WCBD
Lawsuit prepared to 'restore public trust' after deputy-involved car crash
Source: WCSC
Operation Move Out begins Friday
Charleston's annual Operation Move Out begins Friday. It is an annual collection program day to help manage the excess trash on the streets during rental moveouts in the downtown area between Line and Beaufain streets.
Source: WCSC
Summerville considers pay-to-park in downtown parking garage
The Summerville Town Council is in early stages of drafting a proposal to turn the free parking garage downtown into a pay-to-park area. The reason for the transition comes from the lack of income required to maintain the parking garage, which was first built in 2007.
Greenville homeless camps terrorized by beatings for sport
A murder investigation has widened a probe into Greenville homeless camps. Greenville County Sheriff’s Office announced several camps to have been terrorized by a group of people who are filming "brutal attacks" for sport.
Greenville Homeless Alliance tracking affects of Covid on community
Source: WYFF4
Several arrested for murder after videotaped brutal attacks
Source: WYFF4
Richland County unaware new director for troubled jail was fired from last job
Richland County announced that during the hiring process for Tyrell Cato to run the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center, they were unaware of his firing from his previous position. Cato was still employed when he started the hiring process, but was fired at an disclosed time from his previous position for policy violation.
Steely Dan concert cancelled
The North Charleston Performing Arts Center has cancelled the Aug. 4 Steely Dan concert. The news broke through an email from Ticketmaster, but no reason was given. A Florida venue that also cancelled a Steely Dan show referenced Covid-19.
Nine people arrested in drug crackdown
Charleston police announced the arrest of nine people in Charleston's East Side as part of a yearlong investigation into drug dealing in the area. All defendants have been charged with drug dealing crack cocaine or heroin.
Charleston police announced nine arrests in drug operation
Source: WCSC
Graham: Hurting Dems' electoral health
"First, it is a reminder of the one inescapable truth of 2022: Joe Biden is old. Very old. And he is getting older every day. The White House has gone to extreme lengths to keep Biden from getting infected (Operation Fist Bump?), and the reason was obvious. At his age — he’ll be 80 in four months — risks from COVID-19 are high. Plus, as Americans were repeatedly reminded a week ago, Biden also has high cholesterol and a heart condition."
The surprise Manchin deal is cause for celebration
"Senate Democrats deserve credit for managing to push the Chips and Science Act through to passage, even as Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) threatened to hold it hostage if a large economic package was pending — and then getting a $433 billion economic package after all. Thanks to behind-the-scenes negotiations between Mr. Manchin and Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.), what looked, after the talks’ latest collapse, like an agreement only over lowering prescription drug prices and extending Affordable Care Act subsidies has re-expanded to include tax and climate policy. "
Smith: Republicans have to make a fateful choice on what kind of party they want to be
"The Senate is poised to hold a vote on a measure designed to ensure that all families enjoy the same rights, and Republicans in the chamber will reveal whether they believe the GOP is truly the party of all families – or only ones championed by conservatives. In the coming days, the Senate appears likely to hold a vote on the Respect for Marriage Act, which passed last week in the House. The measure aims to codify marriage equality protections for same-sex and interracial couples."
Source: CNN
Suddeth: How to solve the health inequity problem in Charleston, and beyond
"The problem in Charleston is similar to the situation in many U.S. cities, and it is driven by numerous factors called the social determinants of health. Examples include access to transportation, social support systems, healthy diets, access to primary health care and health education. These directly correlate with income."
King: The thrill of a human being on the line
"I explained repeatedly to the recording what I needed. It wasn’t having any of it. If it was a sample of artificial intelligence, it was acting more like artificial stupidity. Finally, the AI device decided that stupid people — me — weren’t worthy of its recorded messages and transferred me to a 'representative.' Banks, credit card companies and insurance offices don’t have people; they have 'representatives.'"
South Carolinians need to get better at living with gators
"The rapid growth along coastal South Carolina, combined with a rebounding alligator population, is bound to make encounters increasingly common — and potentially dangerous for those who have not learned how to be safe around alligators. The species once was considered threatened but has rebounded to the point where the state began allowing alligator hunting in 2008. We all have read sad stories of unfortunate encounters between gators and humans, and we must remain mindful of how we can avoid any similar tragedies. "
Krugman: How goes the war on inflation?
"That said, the U.S. economy is definitely slowing, basically because the Fed is deliberately engineering a slowdown to bring inflation down. And it’s possible that this slowdown will eventually be severe and broad-based enough to get the R-label."
Kuleba: I'm Ukraine's prime minister and Putin must be stopped
"The truth is simple: Mr. Putin will not stop until he is stopped. That’s why calls for a cease-fire, audible across Europe and America, are badly misplaced. This is not the time to accept unfavorable cease-fire proposals or peace deals. The task instead is to defeat Russia and limit its ability to attack anyone again in the foreseeable future. With sustained and timely assistance, Ukraine is ready and able to do so."
Russia is making money from oil, but there's a way to stop that
"Nations seeking to help Ukraine are aiming at the wrong target. They have focused on reducing Russia’s energy exports instead of reducing Russia’s earnings from energy exports. Russia is exporting less oil but, in a perverse twist, it is earning more money, according to the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air, based in Finland. The sanctions have raised prices, more than offsetting the decline in exports."
Goldberg: The anti-abortion movement is in denial
"Perhaps some in the anti-abortion movement are wrestling with a similarly discomfiting gap between intentions and effects right now. That, at least, is the most sympathetic reading of the angry denial of prominent abortion opponents when confronted with a predictable consequence of abortion bans: delayed care for traumatic pregnancy complications."


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UKRAINE: Shelling kills Ukrainian POWs; New Juvenile Justice director pushes for reform More...


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Smart reef to collect data to help coastal flooding More...

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Nine people arrested in drug crackdown; Steely Dan concert cancelled More...


Goldberg: The anti-abortion movement is in denial; Russia is making money from oil, but there's a way to stop that More...