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Medicaid enrollment goes up in S.C.
Despite resisting its expansion as part of the Affordable Care act, South Carolina has seen a 5 percent increase in Medicaid enrollment and will be required to cover the costs under an already stretched state budget. More below in Statewide.
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Brack: Could Dems, independents be secret GOP weapon?
"Independents and Democrats may be a secret weapon for statewide Republicans who don’t kowtow to the freak show of tea party politics in the June 10 primary elections.

"Just look at the U.S. Senate race for a six-year term. Six right-wing challengers face U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is no slouch as a conservative but who is known for reasonable bipartisan tendencies (which got him in trouble with conservatives in the first place)."

Statewide impact
WalletHub reports mixed bag of state's attractiveness to active service members
Ranking the worst and best states for military retirees, South Carolina ranked #7 for quality of life, but 45th for health care.
Source: The State
S.C. veterans report Dorn delays as well
More S.C. veterans come forward as V.A. problems continue to surface.
Source: WSPA-TV
MEMORIAL DAY: Westminster dedicates WWII memorial
Around 75 people gathered Monday for the dedication of a memorial specifically honoring World War II veterans.
Annual ceremony draws hundreds in Florence
Over 100 gather in Summerville
Source: WCSC-TV
Volunteers place flags on graves in Florence
Source: WBTW-TV
Wreath-laying at Fort Jackson
Source: WIS-TV
Letter to a buried son
Source: The State
S.C. families honor military dead, usher in summer
Source: The State
Memorial Day ceremonies in Anderson
Lost comrades remembered in Greenville, Simpsonville
Increased Medicaid enrollment will tax state budgets
Despite resisting its expansion as part of the Affordable Care act, South Carolina has seen a 5 percent increase in Medicaid enrollment and will be required to cover the costs under an already stretched state budget.
S.C. Medicaid enrollment grows despite non-expansion
Vote to make S.C. Adjutant General appointed position expected
The South Carolina House is expected to vote later this week on a bill that would make the state's top military officer an appointed, rather than an elected, position.
Source: WBTW-TV
Rice led in passage of law helping S.C. ports
U.S. Rep. Tom Rice had a major hand in the passing of a bill awaiting Obama's signature that will allow Charleston to proceed with deepening its harbor and get help for Georgetown through 2022.
State senators to debate solar power compromise
The South Carolina House voted unanimously last week to allow third-party companies to lease solar panels to S.C. customers, handing off the legislation to the state Senate.
Mulvaney's town halls politically diverse
U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney has made it a point to hold town halls with those who both agree and disagree with his policies, stating that he represents everybody.
Is Tea Party influence waning in the state?
According to the Winthrop Poll, only about 1 in 8 S.C. Republicans consider themselves members of the Tea Party.
Source: The State
Richland elections officials say they're ready for primary
Officials at the Richland elections office say new safeguards against the fiascos of 2012 and 2013 elections should add up to trouble-free primaries on June 10.
Source: The State
New money in budget may cool old fights
An $86 million infusion of additional new revenues projected by the state Board of Economic Advisors last week may cut short looming budget battles between the state House and Senate.
State budget could provide $200K to help Marines find jobs
The S.C. Senate's spending proposal includes $200,000 for the Transitional Workforce Education Assistance Collaborative, the focus of which is assisting those leaving the military from Lowcountry bases.
2014: S.C. GOP superintendent candidates debate today
On S.C. ETV from 7-8 p.m., Republican candidates for state school superintendent will debate.
Crowded debate set for tonight
Source: WIS-TV
Profile of educational superintendent candidate Don Jordan
Source: The State
Profile of education superintendent candidate Elizabeth Moffly
Source: The State
Profile of education superintendent candidate Molly Spearman
Source: The State
Ray Moore raises $22,450 in lieutenant governor's race
Source: The State
McMaster has raised $225K for lieutenant governor's race
Lieutenant governor candidate Henry McMaster's campaign has raised more than $225,000 since March 31, and ninety percent of it came from inside the state.
It's crunch time for road money
With six days left in the legislative session, state Sen. Ray Cleary of Georgetown says the S.C. Senate needs to show constituents what they're preparing to do about the state's crumbling infrastructure.
Budget deal could start senators working on future road repairs
Source: The State
2014 SENATE: Scott says "Great Society" programs not helping working people
In a conversation aimed at shoring up the GOP for a broader class of voters, U.S. Sen. Tim Scott says that the programs of the "Great Society" are helping the wrong people.
Source: NPR
First reactions to Myrtle Beach tent ordinance
There weren't many beach tents in Myrtle Beach yesterday, but the visitors from out of town who hadn't heard about the new ordinance weren't happy.
Boeing footprint getting larger
Early pessimism about airplane manufacturing in North Charleston has waned as Boeing continues to invest in expansion of its operations.
Catawbas hire another tribe to build S.C. bingo hall
The Catawba Indians have signed a contract with the Lumbee Indian Nation (N.C.) to convert a former grocery store into a bingo hall in Rock Hill, but they could just as well have signed a treaty.
Irish firm to open plant in Anderson
E&I Engineering Ltd., an Irish firm that makes power system switchgears will open a manufacturing facility in Anderson with a $17 million investment that will create around 250 jobs.
CofC baseball team headed to Gainesville Regional
SEC and ACC teams USC and Clemson aren't the only South Carolina teams in the NCAA tournament, as the 4th-seeded College of Charleston takes on the Florida Gators on Friday in Gainesville, Florida.
Source: WCSC-TV
State senator says bill allowing the redrawing of school districts was payback
State Sen. Chip Campsen filed a bill last week to repeal legislation signed on May 16 that redrew school board election districts in Colleton County.
Legislature winds down with lot on line for CofC
The end of legislative action could leave much up in the air for the College of Charleston.
Founders of Charleston School of Law withdrew $25M
Since 2010, the founders of the Charleston School of Law withdrew $25 million in profits, which not reinvested, left the school in a financial lurch.
Source: The State
Law school on shaky financial ground
Original story
Clemson Tigers selected for NCAA tournament
The Clemson Tiger baseball team is Nashville-bound as a 3-seed in the Vanderbilt regional.
Source: The State
Three Midlands Gates Millenium Scholars reveal aspirations
Jaleel Jefferson, Qi Jin, and Samanuel Martin talk about their dreams in the making.
Source: The State
Baseball Gamecocks see unfamiliar foes
Hosts of a regional NCAA baseball tournament, the USA team looks forward to playing three teams they haven't come up against.
Source: The State
Clemson plant breeders release 21 new crop varieties
The S.C. Crop Improvement Association Review Board approved four varieties of Roundup Ready soybeans, nine sorghum varieties used for bioenergy, and eight cotton varieties.
Cathedral Bible College president faces federal charges
Agents with Homeland Security filed a claim against Reginald Wayne Miller, president and founder of Cathedral Bible College, alleging that he made international students work long hours without pay by threatening their legal status.
Miller ordered to stay away from the school's campus
SEC sets record, has 10 teams in NCAA baseball tourney
Three SEC schools will host regional tournaments--Mississippi, Vanderbilt and South Carolina.
Some say it's time to slow down alligator harvests
The state's seventh annual alligator hunting season is around the corner and some experts are asking whether the number of permits issued in each of the state's four hunting zones should be lowered.
Hail damage claims up in northeast S.C.
Following a hail storm that hit last Friday, damage claims are on the rise.
Source: WIS-TV
Mosquito treatments costly for municipal budgets
City-wide pesticide treatments, especially combating mosquitoes, may take a bite out of municipal budgets this summer.
Greenville's Falls Park filled with grow-at-home secrets
You can't look at plant tags at Falls Park, but placement and beauty shows visitors what will grow equally well in their yards.
Isle of Palms initiates breach recycling program
Charleston County is providing 94 blue recycling bins that will be placed on the beach at Isle of Palms
U.S. nuclear plants will store spent fuel
Nuclear power plants across the country are either building or expanding storage facilities to hold their spent fuel — radioactive waste that by now was supposed to be on its way to a national dump, including the one in Barnwell, S.C.
Major Local News
Summer reading program has science focus
The Clarendon County Library presents "Fizz, Boom, Read!" June 2 - July 31 and is open to readers of all ages.
Manning truck driver named 2014 Citizen Driver of the Year
Jimmy Ardis, recently named Citizen Driver of the Year, has driven more than 4 million miles in his 37 years as a truck driver. As part of the award Jerry's Truck Stop in Manning has been renamed in Ardis' honor.
Groundbreaking Friday for Georgetown Veterans Memorial
The 90-foot memorial will consist of 10 granite slabs and 10 flag poles.
Florence remembers James C. McLeod, who died May 18
James C. McLeod, Jr., known for his lifelong commitment to community service, is remembered by his friends. Mr. McLeod, who practiced law until 1998 at Willcox, McLeod, Buyck & Williams served on numerous boards.
Myrtle Beach named TripAdvisor's top summer destination
One of the most significant accolades earned by Myrtle Beach is its number one ranking on travel website TripAdvisor.
Myrtle Beach residents say "No more bike fest"
Citing safety concerns, residents and business owners in Myrtle Beach are calling for an end to the Atlantic Beach Bike Fest.
Source: WBTW-TV
Myrtle Beach Chamber president issues statement on shootings
Five separate shooting incidents in Myrtle Beach over the weekend left three people dead and seven injured, prompting the president of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce to issue a statement.
Source: WIS-TV
After slicing $6M from budget, Columbia allocations in flux
The Columbia City Council's first vote will come in three weeks, and with it big changes in who gets what.
Source: The State
S.C.'s Joe McGill sleeps where slaves once lived
Joe McGill, a tour guide at Magnolia Plantation & Gardens in Charleston, is on a mission to inspire people with old slave dwellings on their property to preserve them.
Despite Tea Party, Graham looks strong
"Even in very conservative South Carolina there is a desire to see Republicans win control of Congress and for the state to have influence in the leadership. Conservative organizations are supporting Graham and trying to boost his standing on the right."
House makes right call on solar
"In a vote that some referred to as historic, the S.C. House of Representatives unanimously voted for a bill that would make it much easier for residents and businesses to invest in renewable solar energy. The compromise bill has received bipartisan support, and garnered approval from South Carolina’s utilities and conservation groups, which don’t always see eye-to-eye."
Haley should veto back-door pay raise for senators
"State senators recently approved themselves a pay hike disguised as an increase for in-district expenses. But they shouldn't count on getting it. Gov. Nikki Haley had unkind words for the salary increase, an indication that she almost certainly would veto the budget provision."
Scoppe: S.C. lawmakers have proven themselves untrustworthy again
"They interpret their constituents’ silence as satisfaction with the current state of affairs, when in fact it is the opposite: Voters have lost all confidence in legislators’ ability to reform the political system. Voters are convinced that this system is so thoroughly corrupt, so completely beyond repair, that there’s no need to even try to enforce the laws we have — much less pass tougher laws."
Source: The State
Hutto the only Democratic choice against Graham
"We don’t need to examine Mr. Hutto’s political positions past or present or his campaign pledges for the future to know that he is the hands-down choice in the contest to take on U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham in the fall."
Source: The State
Blog: New thoughts on loan debt, voting
“Is it necessary to introduce a requirement that persons with disabilities must obtain a physician’s certificate stating that they are unable to vote in person at either a polling place or early voting center? This is prohibited under the U. S. Voting Accessibility for the Elderly and Handicapped Act.”
With primary 16 days away, it's time to get informed
"The primary is 16 days away, and you need to be armed with information when you walk into the voting booth on June 10."
Zais: High school not one-size-fits-all
"Unfortunately, our current high school curriculum is based on an erroneous assumption — that every student can, and therefore should, pursue a four-year college preparatory course of study. But for those who have decided by the end of 9th or 10th grade that a bachelor’s degree is not part of their life plan, much of what we force them to learn in 11th and 12th grade is perceived to be irrelevant."
Baker: Veterans deserve better
"I went to the veterans’ hospital in Columbia recently for a consult on my disability claim. It had been almost 11 months since I had received any news except for a quarterly letter indicating that the VA was working on my claim."
Robinson: Calling someone "racist" is an all-purpose conversation stopper
"My purpose here is not to convince everyone that Rockefeller is right about the massive GOP resistance to Obama — although I certainly agree with him — but rather to consider the things we say when we want to avoid talking about race. “You called me a racist” and “You played the race card” have become all-purpose conversation stoppers."
Modern immigrants more likely to succeed than native-borns
"Statistics show that if you are born elsewhere and later acquire American citizenship, you will, on average, earn more than us native-borns, study further, marry at higher rates and divorce at lower rates, fall out of the work force less frequently and more easily dodge poverty."


Statewide impact

Increased Medicaid enrollment will tax state budgets; MEMORIAL DAY: Westminster dedicates WWII memorial More...


2014 SENATE: Scott says "Great Society" programs not helping working people; It's crunch time for road money More...


Irish firm to open plant in Anderson; Catawbas hire another tribe to build S.C. bingo hall More...


SEC sets record, has 10 teams in NCAA baseball tourney; Cathedral Bible College president faces federal charges More...


U.S. nuclear plants will store spent fuel; Isle of Palms initiates breach recycling program More...

Major Local News

S.C.'s Joe McGill sleeps where slaves once lived; After slicing $6M from budget, Columbia allocations in flux More...


Modern immigrants more likely to succeed than native-borns; Robinson: Calling someone "racist" is an all-purpose conversation stopper More...