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State ban on texting moves forward
The state is closer to establishing a statewide ban on texting while driving, relieving confusion emanating from different rules in different municipalities and counties. More below in Statewide.
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Unemployment the new entitlement?
"When the national unemployment rate soared in the wake of the 2008 financial-sector meltdown, peaking at 10 percent in October 2009, there was a strong case for extending [unemployment] benefits. ... However, the jobless rate has fallen considerably since then, and held steady at 6.7 percent in March."
Statewide impact
With prom season come increased fatalities
Every year, hundreds die on S.C. highways, and young drivers are involved in fatal crashes more than two times more often, especially during prom season.
Five tax forms required for married gay couples in S.C.
If you're a married gay couple in S.C., filing your taxes requires completing five returns.
Film showcases S.C. literacy issues
A new documentary, "When the Bough Breaks," premiered Tuesday warning that S.C. students aren't prepared to compete in the global economy when they graduate. It stresses the importance of doing more for literacy.
Source: The State
New film story first published in Statehouse Report
Gas prices up in South Carolina
Filling your gas tank is the most expensive it's been all year in South Carolina, a trend unlikely to stop before the end of the month.
Vice President Biden to speak at USC commencement
Vice President Joe Biden will deliver the commencement address at the University of South Carolina on May 9.
Source: The State
Both state chambers advance texting ban legislation
The state is closer to establishing a statewide ban on texting while driving, relieving confusion emanating from different rules in different municipalities and counties.
Texting-while-driving ban passes
Bill to give at-risk kids access to free kindergarten advances Bill to give at-risk kids access to free kindergarten advances
In addition to free kindergarten access, the GOP-backed bill also includes the Read to Succeed Act, which would hold struggling third-grade readers back for a year of literacy instruction.
Source: The State
Should 3rd graders reading below grade level be held back?
Source: WIS-TV
'Read to Succeed' bill passes S.C. Senate
The mammoth will have to wait a little longer
The Columbian mammoth will have to wait a while longer before it becomes the official fossil of South Carolina.
Haley raises questions about Sheheen's criminal work
Gov. Nikki Haley said Wednesday that Democratic challenger Vincent Sheheen's history of defending criminals in court is a red flag for someone who wants to be governor.
Source: The State
'Emma's Law' headed to governor's desk
The S.C. Senate unanimously agreed with the House on the DUI bill, sending the proposed law to the governor.
After two years, bill finally gets through General Assembly
Source: WBTW-TV
Governor expected to sign Emma's law
Source: WIS-TV
DUI ignition lock bill on the way to the governor
Source: The State
Scott and Booker team up on jobs
U.S. Sens. Tim Scott and Cory Booker teamed up on Wednesday to introduce a bill aimed at creating apprenticeships for young Americans by offering companies new tax credits.
Haley says state agencies need general code of conduct
Gov. Nikki Haley says some S.C. employees misuse state resources out of ignorance and a lack of clear rules.
Haley: State agencies own too much property
Gov. Nikki Haley said Wednesday that state agencies own far too much property in the state and that much of the 12,300 assets should be sold.
Toal: Judges need more information before bond releases
S.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Jean Toal says judges need more information about criminal backgrounds in order to make better decisions about releasing or not releasing suspects on bond.
Source: The State
Solar advocates angry at S.C. energy bill
A S.C. Senate subcommittee overwhelmingly approved a rooftop solar energy bill that would allow the sale of rooftop systems and electricity generated, but solar advocacy groups say the bill favors major utilities.
Anti-Common Core bill advances in S.C. House
The S.C. House Education and Public Works Committee advanced a proposal Wednesday that would withdraw S.C. from a group developing a test to assess on Common Core standards.
Non-binding medical marijuana addendum on Dem ballot
June's Democratic primary ballot will include a non-binding referendum allowing voters a chance to weigh in on the issue of allowing the medical use of marijuana.
Source: The State
Graham, Senate panel have concerns about cable merger
Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee expressed concern Wednesday about the proposed Comcast-Time Warner merger, including U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, who says his reception over DirectTV declines when the weather is bad.
Graham: MOX 'standby' not part of agreement
U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham told DOE Secretary Ernest Moniz that the appropriations committee instructed the government to build the SRS MOX facility, not put it in cold stand-by.
Mistake with Boston bomber, Graham says
A report released released this week says the Russian government declined to provide the FBI with information about Tamerlan Tsarnaev two years before the Boston Marathon bombing, which U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham says was either an FBI failure or the result of inefficient laws.
Greenville seeks to get more urban grocers
Citing that 53,000 people in metro Greenville live a mile or more from a supermarket, half of which have no vehicle access, a neighborhood advocacy group says urban grocery stores are key.
BMW sold more than 200K vehicles in March
For the first time in the month of March, BMW sold more than 200,000 vehicles.
'Heartbleed bug' a major internet headache
The breakdown revealed this week affects a widely used encryption technology used to protect online accounts for a variety of e-commerce providers, but the real news is that the bug has gone undetected for more than two years.
Things you need to know about the Heartbleed bug
Source: WIS-TV
CertusBank vice chairman steps down amid financial scandal
In what company officials say was a long-planned move, vice chairman Charles M. Williams has stepped down, but the timing makes that statement questionable.
Three top execs fired
Source: WYFF-4
Interim CertusBank CEO 'right leader'
In an email, new CertusBank Chairman Robert Wright told employees that interim President and CEO John Poelker is the right leader at the right time.
7.5 percent of S.C. workforce involved in moving products
According to the S.C. Dept. of Commerce, South Carolina is the place to be for supply chain management and operations.
Charter approved for new credit union in Greenville
The National Credit Union Administration approved a charter for a new credit union serving business and individuals in Greenville County.
Signode to locate new facility in Lexington Co.
Signode, a manufacturer of protective packaging systems, will invest $15 million in a new facility, expected to create 130 jobs.
Firearms industry accounted for 4000 jobs in 2013
A new study by the National Shooting Sports Foundation says the firearms and ammunition industry pumped over $500 million into South Carolina's economy last year.
Bank of S.C. earnings down 4.31 percent in first quarter
At its annual shareholders meeting on Tuesday, the Bank of South Carolina reported earnings down relative to 1Q 2013.
20,000+ attended Wine + Food festival in Charleston
The ninth annual BB&T Charleston Wine + Food Festival last month generated $10 million for the local economy, according to the College of Charleston's Office of Tourism Analysis.
11 Grand Strand golf courses in S.C. top 50
The South Carolina Golf Course Ranking Panel recently ranked the Top 50 in the state.
Title IX investigation completed at Waccamaw High
A federal investigation into alleged gender discrimination at Waccamaw High School in Georgetown has been completed.
Coastal Discovery Museum starts marine science expedition
Beginning in May, the Coastal Discovery Museum will run two-hour expeditions on Tuesdays and Thursdays aboard the research vessel SPARTINA.
Even pre-schoolers get involved in National Robotics Week
Rock Hill's The Goddard School is getting creative with STEM for pre-school classes.
SCSU students challenged at awards program
Despite recent challenges confronting the university, more than 800 S.C. State University students received awards honoring their academic achievements.
400 attend Common Core forum at CCU
More than 400 people attended an education forum at Coastal Carolina Wednesday night to learn about what's true and what's not about the Common Core.
Clinton touts diversity at Furman event
Former President Bill Clinton addressed improved diversity, Russia and Disney World in a speech at Greenville's Peace Center in honor of former Gov. Dick Riley. (We only inserted one story on Wednesday about this event; below are some others. We apologize for the oversight.)
Source: Politico
Clinton gets applause, laughter
Source: WYFF-4
Clinton appearance sells out at benefit for Riley Institute
Pulitzer Prize winner to speak at Furman
Doris Kearns Goodwin, presidential historian, will speak at Furman University tonight about her newest novel on Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft.
1,500 SC students and librarians at Statehouse today
A parade of some 1,500 children and librarians will march from the State Library to the Statehouse this morning as part of the South Carolina "Read-in."
West Ashley High band director going out on a high note
After 33 years, Edward Shealy, director of bands at West Ashley High School, will take his last bow, including playing with the clarinets in the bands final performance under his leadership.
Source: West of
Peaches in York County fewer but few will notice, say farmers
Arthur Black, owner of Black's Peaches, says he expects to have about 50 percent of a full crop this year due to the winter.
Feds release data on payments to S.C. providers
In the name of transparency, despite long-standing opposition from the American Medical Association, the federal government released massive amounts of information on Wednesday, including Medicare payments made to several thousand South Carolina doctors.
154 S.C. docs got more than $1 million from Medicare
Source: The State
Ambulances, oncologists top list of Medicaid payments
Eight of the ten highest Medicaid payments in South Carolina in 2012 went to ambulance services.
Source: The State
Carolinas HealthCare asks judge to reconsider Fort Mill hospital decision
Carolinas HealthCare System filed a motion on Wednesday asking an S.C. Administrative Law Court Judge to reconsider his decision to give Piedmont Medical Center permission to build a new hospital.
Carolinas Healthcare files appeal
Source: WRHI Radio
Major Local News
Longtime Francis Marion trustee dies
W.C. Stanton, who served on the Francis Marion Board of Trustees for almost 20 years and often said, "I am a high school dropout that devoted my life to education," passed away on Monday at the age of 87.
Aiken resident has attended the Masters 52 times
Aiken resident Steve Hale has had the opportunity to witness some of golf's greatest moments because of a "family affair."
Columbia to 'play ball'
On Tuesday evening, the Columbia City Council voted 4-3 to pledge hospitality tax funds in support of bringing a minor league baseball team to town.
Williamsburg County Chief Magistrate removed from bench
Citing continuing medical problems, the S.C. Supreme Court relieved William Ellerbe Ackerman, Jr., of his duties on March 31.
Officials restoring 1,000 feet of King's Highway
A 12-page article on the King's Highway will appear in next month's South Carolina Wildlife magazine, which also spans 300 years of coastal history.
Edgefield County is first-ever "Target Zero Hero"
The SC Department of Public Safety and the SCDOT recently recognized Edgefield County for their traffic safety accomplishments, which include 445 consecutive days without a traffic fatality.
Road laws aren't perfect, but they can help
"As much as there are plenty of laws on the books to guard the highways, including a mandate to wear seat belts, more legislation is being considered to strengthen penalties for certain behavior on the road. In light of the carnage that is all to frequent, we offer support for three present proposals to curb irresponsible driving and to save lives."
Parker: Remember I'm a Southerner too
"After writing close to 3,000 columns, I’ve learned that people sometimes read what they’re looking for, often as a result of a headline, rather than what I wrote."
Pastides, Dozier: 50 years after desegregation, USC diverse
"As the University of South Carolina brings to a close the 50th anniversary commemoration of its desegregation, we reflect on how far it has come and how far we have to go. But we aren’t just giving this thoughtful consideration; we are taking action."
Source: The State
Rosen: Waring was the lonesomest man in Charleston
"On Friday, as the statue of the judge is unveiled, we should all tip our collective hat to Waties Waring, the lonesomest man in Charleston, for his courage and passion for justice."
Sapakoff: Poof and the Masters' Eisenhower tree is gone
"It's as if the most famous tree in sports never existed. There is no hole, no marker."
Wooten: We have more to fear than overexposure at beach
"And before investing too much angst in the specter of local surveillance cameras, near or far from the seashore, ponder the much larger menace of the National Security Agency's "collection" of Americans' electronic communications."
Smoak: Book a day reduces reading gap
"...the charge is simple: to have every child in every S.C. family reading 1,000 books before he starts school."
Source: The State
Scoppe: Anyone can be a general in S.C.
"Is lieutenant colonel promotable to general, I ask. Again, [Breazeale] doesn’t hesitate: 'In South Carolina it is; if you’re elected by the people you’re a general. But I am qualified to be a full-bird colonel.'"
Source: The State


Statewide impact

Both state chambers advance texting ban legislation; Vice President Biden to speak at USC commencement More...


Bill to give at-risk kids access to free kindergarten advances; Graham, Senate panel have concerns about cable merger More...


11 Grand Strand golf courses in S.C. top 50; 20,000+ attended Wine + Food festival in Charleston More...


West Ashley High band director going out on a high note; 1,500 SC students and librarians at Statehouse today More...


Peaches in York County fewer but few will notice, say farmers More...


Carolinas HealthCare asks judge to reconsider Fort Mill hospital decision; Ambulances, oncologists top list of Medicaid payments More...

Major Local News

Edgefield County is first-ever "Target Zero Hero"; Officials restoring 1,000 feet of King's Highway More...


Scoppe: Anyone can be a general in S.C.; Smoak: Book a day reduces reading gap More...